dinner_for_8_edited-1DINNERS FOR EIGHT

Sometimes, it can be hard to meet new people. Every Sunday, during our fellowship time, we have the opportunity to meet new people — people who attend a different worship service, people who are older than us or younger than us, people who live in another community. Yet, it is challenging to greet a stranger.

Dinners for 8 is an opportunity for 8 people to gather over a meal and connect to new people. Each group of 8 is randomly placed together (couples stay together, singles can have a partner or be given a partner). The group meets quarterly at one of their homes for a potluck and conversation. The group picks their own times and their own menus. At the end of the year, the group says farewell, and can choose to be a part of another Dinners for 8 group. For more information, contact Pastor Kathleen.

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