Armstrong Chapel and its ministries are supported by the generous contributions of our members, friends and attendees.  Each fall we provide opportunities for all to discern how God can use each of us to impact the work of the church. Financial gifts are appreciated at any time of the year and allow Armstrong to offer things like top notch student ministries, children’s ministries like Vacation Bible School, and small groups for adults.  In addition to the various ministries we also financially support mission opportunities such as Interfaith Hospitality Network, Madisonville Streetfest, Interparish Ministries, State Avenue Christmas Shop and many other things too numerous to list. Your financial gift made in the form of a recurring commitment or just a one-time gift will aid Armstrong in the ongoing work of loving one another and making disciples as Jesus commanded during his own ministry.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and your faithful support through the years.

Thank you for your commitment to Armstrong Chapel.
You can make your regular donation using the aqua online giving button,  create a recurring donation with the green commitment button or pay for things like study books and Encore events with the gold pay now button.
Events available for registration vary based on the time of year and include things like VBS, youth events, or men's and women's retreats.




Call Armstrong Chapel’s Financial Administrator, John Zaring, to discuss the transfer details since each transaction is unique. A telephone conversation can ensure that your gift is credited properly. Please note that the date on which the church is notified of the transfer is not the contribution date. The date on which the stock is legally transferred to Armstrong Chapel is the effective date of the contribution for federal income tax purposes. Please email John Zaring any time you make a stock donation. Due to privacy laws your broker may not transmit your name along with the stock transfer. An email will ensure proper credit to your giving statement.

Your church adheres to the law in these matters. If you have any questions, please call John Zaring at 561-4220.