mission haiti

Helping Haitians walk through God’s doors for their future!



Over the past ten years, Haiti has experienced dramatic growth of Christianity as people overcome their fear of Voodoo history and superstitions.

GVCM now has 48 affiliated congregations that are providing ministry to thousands of Haitian families.  The church that Armstrong Chapel helped build at Faith Academy in Croix des Bouquet is nearly complete.

Moving forward, we can provide much-needed training for pastors, offer spiritual support through Vacation Bible Schools and assist with remodeling of inadequate facilities in Haiti.


Many Haitian people need job training and practical skills to become self-sufficient. The partnership of effective education programs and strong economic development initiatives will create real opportunities for poor families in need.


High-quality health care is in short supply no matter where you go in Haiti. Many families lack adequate housing and access to water.  In central Haiti, a simple well can transform the lives of entire communities with clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

We have a three-pronged strategy:

Haiti circles-Work as a congregation to open a big door through a major project. Together with Haitian partners, we will commit to a three-year project focused on building and launching a vocational trade school for high-school-aged children and young adults.

-Send mission teams to utilize the skills and abilities of Armstrong’s community. Trainers, educators, healthcare personnel and other volunteers will travel to Haiti.

-Provide information on projects to those who cannot go to Haiti. Our projects here at home will give Armstrong members and friends an opportunity to meet specific needs and open doors of faith, health and opportunity for Haitian families.

For example, the pillow case dresses made by Armstrong members at Twin Lakes are a blessing for young girls in Haiti. Donations of $1,200-1,500 will build homes for Haitian families living in tents. Financial support for construction of wells – $5,000 in Port-au-Prince and $10,000 in the Central Plateau – will help save lives and improve life in urban and rural areas.

Our stewardship goal for this important initiative is $75,000 to $100,000 over three years starting in January 2016.


In addition to the original members of the Mission Haiti Vision Team, the following persons have accepted leadership roles as we seek to extend God’s fingerprint of love and grace to Haiti:

  • Co-Chairs:Greg Ahrens, Tom McCann
  • Market Research for Vocational Training Needs:Steve Knapp
  • Student Assessment:Amy Spicher
  • Curriculum Development for Vocational Training: Amy Spicher, Michael Voynovich
  • Coordinator for Missions Trips to Haiti:Carrie Orr
  • Communications/Publicity:Bryan Brown
  • Projects Coordinator:TBD (create awareness, oversee and track individual and small group project to assist Mission Haiti)
  • Vertical Impact Liaison:Meg Caesar
  • Other Travel Team Members:Susan Brabenec Page, Greg Stover

With your support, we will share God’s love beyond our doors and make a difference for Haitian families in need.  If you have interest helping with the leadership of the Mission Haiti initiative, please contact Greg Stover, Tom McCann, or Greg Ahrens.


Because children and families in this poverty-stricken country need help, and we have strong relationships in place at faith-based organizations in Haiti:

  • One third of Haitians (2.5 million people) live in poverty. Only 25% of people have sustained access to clean water and basic sanitation.
  • Haiti’s economy is struggling with 75% unemployment and 50% literacy rate.
  • More than 70% of families in Port-au-Prince and rural areas like Mirebalais and Thomassique live on less than $2 U.S. per day. Annual per capita income barely exceeds $700 U.S.
  • Armstrong is working with trusted partners at the Faith Academy and Global Vision Citadelle Ministries (GVCM) to identify ways to enhance job skills and improve lives.

There’s more information to come, so be on the lookout.  If you are interested in getting more involved contact one of the members of the Mission Haiti Vision Team or the church office. (Susan Brabanec Page, Bryan Brown, Meg Caesar, Tom McCann, Amy Spicher, Greg Stover, or Michael Voynovich).  Click for a downloadable brochure of the information posted above. MissionHaiti Brochure Nov15