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Coming this Fall: Goliath Must Fall
do we overcome those battles in our lives
that we always seem to be fighting?

Fear Must Fall :: Rejection Must Fall :: Comfort Must Fall :: Anger Must Fall :: Addiction Must Fall

Begins September 10 

It is not God’s plan for you to live with some big giant standing in the middle of your life demoralizing you day, after day, after day, and diminishing God’s glory and robbing God’s glory in your life. It's never been more important that we understand that our freedom and God’s glory are forever interwoven into one story. God does want us to live free. He wants us to recognize that. He's already killed the giant.

We all have giants in our lives that creep in and take over. Giants like rejection, anxiety, fear, anger, and addiction. These adversaries establish a foothold, and before we know it we are tolerating something that is diminishing the glory of God in our lives and holding us back from the freedom that Jesus intends for us. So how do we break out of these patterns once and for all?

Put aside what you may think about the classic David vs. Goliath story. In the book Goliath Must Fall, Pastor Louie Giglio shows us how to dwell on the size of our God, not the height of our giants. Once we understand the source of our giants, we can ensure us that whatever our affliction is, it can, will, and must fall down with the power of Jesus.

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