Youth Ministry Architects
Vertical Impact Student Ministry Assessment


Dreaming for the Future: Sunday May 17 – May 21
YMA Presentation: Thursday May 21 @ Armstrong Chapel from 6:30 to 8:30pm
YMA Focused Listening Groups: Sunday May 17 through Tuesday May 19 @ Armstrong Chapel. Various times are available. There are 10 spots per listening group. Please only select one option.

STUDENTS: Select your listening group here.
ADULTS: Select your listening group here.

Vertical Impact Student Ministries is dreaming for the future and we want YOU to be a part of it! VI is really solid right now, but we feel there is something even better for us on the horizon. In response to that prompting, we have invited two lovely consultants from Youth Ministry Architects (YMA) to be with us May 17-21 to help us assess where we are, what we need, where we want to go, and develop a strategic plan on how to get there.

We would like you to be involved in two ways: During the week of May 17-20, commit an hour and 15 minutes to join a listening group. You just have to find time for one! There are a variety of times are available and they will be based on affinity groups. Signups are online and will be available at the connection desk and in the “L.” See links at the top of the page.

YMA Assessment Background Story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Youth Ministry Architects?

Youth Ministry Architects is a subdivision of Ministry Architects a consulting firm that helps churches develop healthy, intergenerational, and sustainable ministries. They have emphasis on whole church, children’s, and youth ministry. It was founded by Mark DeVries who has been a youth pastor for over 20 years at his church in Nashville, TN. Consultants for YMA are actively engaged in ministry and have 12 plus years of experience they each bring to the table. For more information check them out at

What are listening groups?

Listening groups are the primary way that YMA’s get a feel for the church culture, current state, and dreams the church has for the student ministry. It is simply a group of 5 to 10 people that is guided by the two consultants where participants in the group get the opportunity to discuss Vertical Impact’s ministry. They are affinity base listening groups, which means that the groups will be divided between High School Students, Middle School Students, Parents, and Non-Parental Adults etc. These are extremely important! So, be sure to sign up for one and arrive ready to share! Links to sign ups are at the top of the page.

What is this YMA presentation “thingy” on Thursday 5/21?

In between listening groups, talking with staff, and observing VI and Armstrong Chapel our YMA consultants will be creating what they call a “blueprint.” They take all their observations, listening group data, and other conversations and put it all together into a plan. This plan helps us see where we are, what strengths we have, the challenges we face, the structural needs that are missing, and then gives us a 2 to 3 year month by month blueprint (or strategic plan) to follow to help us implement the structure we need to build a sustainable student ministry that is 1) helping students grow spiritually, 2) connected with the church, and 3) primed for growth.

Why do we need YMA?

This is a great question and one that the Vertical Impact Ministry Team (VIMT), which is a team of 6 people invested in the behind the scenes needs and direction of VI, and I wrestled with for several months. We saw the needs that the ministry currently has the problem that crept in was that we weren’t really sure how to tackle them and has trouble discerning how to prioritize the to-do list. After chatting with YMA several times, what became apparent was two things: 1) they would help us start off on the right foot versus us spinning our wheels as we tried to figure out what might work and 2) that over the course of their 5 day assessment they can accomplish what would take us six months to a year to do. After asking a lot of questions, talking among the team, and presenting to the Armstrong Chapel Leadership Team we all came to the conclusion that now was a perfect time in the life of the ministry to go through this process.

Is VI broken?

No! In fact we think that VI is going really well right now. Even after a transition in leadership the ministry continues to click along. Students are growing closer to God and each other. We have successfully implemented quarterly service projects and our retreats continue to be amazing opportunities for students to experience God’s presence. We just feel that God is so great and so awesome that He has more for us out there. We don’t want to become stagnate and we don’t want to ignore the needs we currently have. That is why we are going through this assessment process… to lay foundation, restructure, and set the pace and tone for the next 12…15… 25 years for Vertical Impact Student Ministry. It is going to be amazing to see what God has in store for us!


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