If you are looking for some basic information on this site, or are thinking about joining us on a Sunday morning and have questions, these FAQs are an excellent place to start!

When are your Sunday services?

We offer three worship services each Sunday:

8:20 - Old Chapel Worship in the original chapel (located across the street diagonally from the main building)
9:40 - Classic Worship in the Main Sanctuary
10:00 - Faith Infusion in the Worship Center (NEW Time beginning October 29th)

What is each service like?

Each of our three Sunday services have their own distinct style.

8:20 - Old Chapel Worship - This intimate service takes place in the original 19th century chapel features traditional hymns, piano accompaniment, and other time-honored worship elements that have been practiced by Christians for over a century.

9:40 - Classic Worship - Experience the majesty of God's presence with a beautiful presentation of classic worship.  This service features traditional hymns accompanied by our powerful 110 pipe organ, choral anthems, and a relevant message.

10:00 - Faith Infusion - An energizing service with modern style.  Our worship center was built specifically with large video screens to enhance the weekly message, and acoustics to accommodate our house band and their weekly performance of today's most popular praise music.

Do you have child care?

Yes!  Our 9:40 and 10:00 worship hours feature a nursery for ages 3 months to 2 years.  Our nursery workers are church members who have a love of children and have also completed background checks to make sure you feel completely secure leaving your precious one in their care.

We also have age appropriate children's classes for ages 2 - 6th grade during these hours.  Please see our Kids page under the Grow menu of this site for more information on these specific offerings. There is also Sunday school for teenagers in grades 7-12.

If you are interested, simply have your children come into the service with you to experience some of the early music.  Children will then be released to go to their class with our leaders after a short time.  If this is your first time, please feel free to accompany them so you can see where they are going and register them at our check-in center.  Children will only be released to a parent with an accompanying check-in sticker after each service.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you the most comfortable!  If you are trying to blend in, you will find primarily business casual dress at our 8:20 and 9:40 services and many people even more casual at 10:00.

Are you going to collect money?

Armstrong Chapel and its ministries are supported by the generous contributions of our members and regular attenders.  We allow these people the opportunity to make these contributions in each service.  If you are just visiting or checking Armstrong out, please allow the offering plates to just pass you by during this time.  No judgement.

Anything else I should know about Sunday mornings?

Yes!  We offer free coffee in the atrium as you enter the main building.  Feel free to bring a cup in with you!  We also offer a wide selection of breakfast and brunch snacks  each week.  Please feel free to enjoy and mingle with everyone else.

How do I schedule a wedding?

The services of the church staff and the use of the facilities are offered to make your wedding a joyous and spiritually meaningful event for you, your families and your guests. Ceremonies may be held in the Old Chapel or the main Sanctuary as the church calendar permits.  Non-members are welcome to schedule weddings no more than nine months from the requested date.  Contact Wendy Ransom, the wedding coordinator through the church office Monday through Wednesday (561-4220 x310).

How do I schedule a baptism?

Baptisms are scheduled in consultation with pastors for member families and others who are participating at Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church.  Contact the church office if you are interested in baptism and we will direct you to one of our pastors for further information.

How do I become a member?

Membership classes at Armstrong are offered 3-4 times a year and typically involve 3 classes with a meal to conclude the session.  During the classes you will learn about Armstrong Chapel and the United Methodist Church and explore the meaning of membership.  The classes are intended to assist you in discovering a place of meaningful service in God’s kingdom, and provide a setting to establish new friendships.  For more information or to join the class, please contact Joy Helton in the church office.